Activity of District Informatics Centre, NIC, Neemuch



The NIC district informatics centre Neemuch has been Established in February 27, 2006. DIC  provide Information and communication technology support to local administration and government/semi government agencies at district level. All DICs are connected to NICNET via Leased Line/VSATs.




            NIC Neemuch is connected to the NICNET using a 2 Mbps L.L. installed. Another link using DAMA VSAT for Video Conferencing has been established recently, which can used as a backup link for data transmission.


1.         E-Mail and Internet facility to various departments.


            Various departments are connected to NICNET through NIC Neemuch for accesing various like E-Mail & Internet Connectivity.


2.         The Land Records Computerization Project


            The Land Records Computerization Project was sanctioned by Central Government, which places on record the various lands, crops, soil type, ownership, mode of irrigation that is each and every thing connected with the land is to be profiled. In future to come, its implementation gives a reflection of current issue of the record of land its production, titles etc, which may connect with the land. The software is inplemented at all the 5 Tehsils.


3.         AGMARKNET


            Agmarknet is a NICNET based Agriculture Information System Network (AGMARKNET). For this Neemuch Krishi Upaj Mandi has been Connected with a nation wide network NICNET. In this project, prices and arrival information of agriculture commodities like grams, wheat, maize, mustard ... etc are directly transmitted from Krishi Upaj Mandies to upload on the portal for the use of its producers, traders, consumers, policy makers.. etc. Bye this way the portal http:// facilitate dissemination of marketing related information.


4.         Video Conferencing Facility


            A Video Conferencing Centre of NIC has been established in all about districs in MP. The VC facility is operational at all the district of MP State. Most of the government departments are reviewing their schemes on weekly basis using VC facility


5.         Local Area Network


            Local Area Network under the collectrorate having 19 number of Nodes, Departments. Details are given bellow.




1.                  DM Chamber

2.                  Steno to DM

3.                  Land Record

4.                  Samadhan_online PG Branch

5.                  Tehsildar Neemuch

6.                  Dyt Director Panchyat

7.                  Patwari Room

8.                  WCD Neemuch

9.                  DEO Neemuch

10.              GM DIC

11.              DO Twefare

12.              District Exicese officer

13.              SLR Neemuch

14.              Dyt Registrar

15.              Mining Officer

16.              Indian Election branch

17.              Food Department

18.              Traesury Neemuch

19.              Distric Statics Officers


The above department are using the facility of internet  & web based Application.


6.         Software Implemented


            The following Softwares are implemented in the district.

1.         Time Limit Papers Monitoring System

2.         ICDS

3.         Webpdms

4.         Watersoft, PHE

5.         District Information Centre Informatics of Holistic Achievement (DISHA)

6.         Parakh Online

7.         11 Points

8.         Samadhan one day

9.         Panchlekha

10.       Agmarknet new

11.       Land Record 3R4 Version

12.       P.G. Janshikayat

13.       NREGA Offline Software Version 3.1


7.         Landrecords


            There are three Blocks are using the software at clrversion 3R4. It is also using client servers technology for Landrecord software.