Bhadwamata Temple

  • Celebrated on/during: April
  • Significance:

    The Bhadwa Mata Temple is located 18 km east of Neemuch. A beautifully constructed marble temple of Mahamaya Bhadwa Mata, the Mata statue is surrounded by nine Nabhdurga idols namely Brahmi, Maheswari, Kaumari, Vaishnavi, Varahi followed by Narsinhi, Eandri, Shivdatti and Chamunda.

    The Bhadwa Mata Temple is placed among the important temples in India that depicts Shakti. The devotees of Bhadwa Mata Temple attain ultimate peace of mind and become spiritually strong after their visit to this temple.

    The holy water Baawdi situated within the premises of the temple is popularly known as Aarogya Theerth. The fact that makes this holy water famous is that a bath in this pond is believed to be a supernatural remedy for all kinds of skin diseases.

    As an important part of mythology, Bhadwa Mata is believed to be present in the temple to bless her devotees. Visitors are left with bewilderment after watching the daily aartis performed in the evening within the temple.

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