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Location Neemuch district lies between 24o 15 to 25o 02 North latitudes and 74o 43 to 75o 37 East longitudes. It is bounded by Rajasthan in the North and East, by Kullu and Mandasur district in the East and South. Administrative Divisions & Geographical Area The total area of the present district is 3,875 Sq. Kms. It has a total number of 804 inhabited villages.There are 12 Towns in the district. These include 01 municipal corporation (Neemuch), 11 Nagar Panchayat (Athaana, Diken, Jawad, Jiran, Kukreswar, Manasa, Nayagaon, Rampura, Ratangarh, Sarwaniya Maharaj, Singoli).

The district comprises of 03 blocks and 07 tehsils and sub tehsils. The blocks are, namely Neemuch, Jawad, Manasa. The tehsils are namely Neemuch Rural, Neemuch Urban, Jiran, Manasa, Rampura, Jawad, Singoli.

Location (in degrees) –

Latitude – 24o 15 to 25o 02 N

Longitude- 74o 43 to 75o 37 E

Year of district formation:


Name of adjacent districts:

Rajasthan state, Mandsaur district