Sr. No. Name Description Download
1. eMail ID Format Format used to create government email id’s Download (PDF 134 KB)
2. List of eMail ID Nodals Nodal Officer’s List Download (PDF 40 KB)
3. Employee Master Data Base Format Format used to capture Employee Master Data Base Download (XLSX 22 KB)
4. Section Wise File Format Format used to capture Section Wise File detail Download (XLSX 20 KB)
5. Standard File Heads Format shows standard file heads Download (PDF 1.40 MB)
6. eOffice Infrastructure Requirements Minimum Computer System and Printer requirement Download (PDF 94KB)
User Manual
Sr. No. Name Description Download
1. eFile Receipts User Manual-eFile Receipts Download (PDF 4 MB)
2. eFile Digitization User Manual-eFile Digitization Download (PDF 3 MB)
3. eFile Process User Manual-eFile Process Download (PDF 4 MB)
4. eFile Options User Manual-eFile Options Download (PDF 4.05 MB)
5. Unicode Font Unicode Font and Settings Download (PDF 660 MB)